Frost Radar™

A Practical, High Impact, Scalable Tracking Solution

The Frost Radar

Frost & Sullivan’s global team of analysts and consultants continuously research a wide range of industries across the globe. This primary and secondary analysis spans the entire value chain, identifying organizations that consistently develop new growth strategies based on a visionary understanding of the future and a proven ability to effectively address emerging challenges and opportunities.

Research and analysis is the foundation of the Frost Radar, a robust analytical tool that benchmarks companies’ innovation focus and growth performance in specific markets. The dynamic solution offers frequent rating and positioning of companies that are agitating, contending or revolutionizing their industries.

A Practical, High Impact, Scalable Tracking Solution

What is it?

A robust, analytical tool that benchmarks companies’ innovation focus and growth performance in a given market.

How is it built?

Through in-depth analysis built on our 360-degree research methodology (both primary and secondary research) and objective rating of companies in any given market.

Why it is needed?

To understand how companies benchmark against each other in their ability to innovate and grow against a backdrop of industry transformation and evolution.

What will it accomplish?

Companies will gain an objective, independent perspective of their innovation and growth strategies, including their robustness, effectiveness and relative competitive strength, as well as implications to their long-term success.

How to use it?

Frost Radar is a dynamic tracking tool that offers frequent rating and positioning of companies that are agitators, contenders or revolutionizers in the industry. Owing to changes in operating environment and internal changes within these organizations, their positioning in Frost Radar will change over time. It is important to leverage Frost Radar to understand changes to these company’s ecosystems and their relative positions in it.

What does it mean to be included on the Frost Radar?

Every company that finds itself on the Frost Radar has been chosen by a team of research analysts for having demonstrated excellence in either growth, innovation, or both, and are able to translate that into proven solutions that benefit their clients. Companies are chosen because they are already demonstrating excellence, or are poised to do great things.

Two Major Indices. Ten Analytical Algorithms. One Platform.

Vertical Axis – The Growth Index

The Growth Index is a measure of a company’s growth performance and track record, along with its ability to develop and execute a fully-aligned growth strategy and vision; a robust growth pipeline system; and effective market, competitor and end user -focused sales and marketing strategies.


Market Share
(previous 3 years):

Market share, relative to its competitors in a given market space, for the previous three years.


Revenue Growth (previous 3 years):

Revenue growth rate for the previous three years in the market/ industry/ category that forms context for the given Frost Radar.


Growth Pipeline:

This is an evaluation of the strength and ability of a company to leverage its growth pipeline system while continuously capturing, analyzing and prioritizing its universe of growth opportunities.


Vision and Strategy:

This is an assessment of how well a company’s growth strategy is aligned with its vision. Are the investments the company is making in new products and markets consistent with the stated vision?


Sales and Marketing:

This is a measure of the effectiveness of a company’s sales and marketing efforts in helping the company drive demand and achieve its growth objectives.

Two Major Indices. Ten Analytical Algorithms. One Platform

Horizontal Axis – The Innovation Index

The Innovation Index is a measure of a company’s ability to develop products/services/solutions that are developed with a clear understanding of disruptive Mega Trends, are globally applicable, are able to evolve and expand to serve multiple markets, and are aligned to customers’ changing needs. Key elements of this index include:


Innovation Scalability:

This determines whether the organization’s innovations are globally scalable and applicable in both developing and mature markets, as well as in adjacent and non-adjacent industry verticals.


Research and Development:

This is a measure of the efficacy of a company’s R&D strategy, as determined by the size of its R&D investment and how it feeds the innovation pipeline


Product Portfolio:

This is a measure of the company’s product portfolio and focuses on the relative contribution of new products to its annual revenues.


Megatrends Leverage:

This is an assessment of a company’s ability to proactively leverage evolving long-term opportunities and new business models as the foundation of its innovation pipeline.


Customer Alignment:

This evaluates the applicability of a company’s products/services/ solutions to current and potential customers (7-year horizon), as well as how its innovation strategy is influenced by evolving customer needs.

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